Writers’ Resources

In getting to know other writers, reading writers’ blogs, and finding a plethora of resources on twitter (who knew you could say so much in 140 character or less), I have discovered several sites and posts I want to keep at click’s distance.

First and Foremost:

Inspiration to Write

Books on Writing (There are so many great books; these are just a few of my favorites)

Novel Writing

Query and Synopsis tips

The contracts are signed, the book’s on its way to the printer, now what?


11 responses to “Writers’ Resources

  1. Hi, I’m Ning. from Indonesia.
    Your blog is nice. I have a dream, wanna be a writer, but I don’t know yet how to be the writer. Hehehe…
    Nice to know you… 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ning. I hope some of these resources guide you along your writing way!

  3. Hi, Christi. I love your blog’s content!

    Any advice or querying tips on getting shorter fiction pieces/poetry published? Thanks!

    • Bea, The best tips I can offer are write, rewrite (and rewrite again), then submit submit submit. Newer journals are great places for emerging writers to submit. And, I consider every submission I send out good practice, even if it garners a rejection. Cover letters are as tough to write as the stories themselves, sometimes more so! Anyway, read journals that interest you, and once you become familiar with the content and stories those journal are publishing, you’ll get a feel for which ones are right for your work or not.

      Newpages.com is another site that lists calls for submissions.

      Good luck! And, thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’ve written very little, however, I do read all the time (hence why my blog reviews books, I’ve got about 40 reviews in there since March) and I’m fascinated by the writing process. One source I’d suggest for writers is the writing excuses podcast (www.writingexcuses.com). They’re up to their 6th season of podcasts and they are all entertaining and very fast paced and they cover a wide variety of topics relating to all areas of fiction. I’ll probably check out some of these sites as well.

  5. hi!

    thanks for sharing these links. I will use the weekend to study the sources deeply but I am glad to find your blog here!

    As I am quite a beginner, I will have a closer look at your advices!


  6. Hi Christi!

    Love your blog. I live far down south. I´m a writer of short stories (in Spanish). And my only daughter is living in Wisconsin! What a coincidence! Best regards.

  7. I have found http://www.writersweekly.com to be an invaluable resource.

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