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Moving Up and Moving Over

U-HAUL In 1993, when I moved from Texas to Wisconsin, I packed everything I owned (which wasn’t much) into a fourteen foot U-Haul truck and coaxed my sister into riding along with me. She was very kind. And, brave. She had three young kids who claimed her full attention at the time; plus, when she climbed up into that U-Haul, she sat down next to a manic twenty-two year old me, who knew nothing about long road trips or intense emotion that would come soon after leaving home 1000 miles behind.

That year, the Mississippi River flooded like crazy, so we drove more East than we might have otherwise and stayed over in Memphis, Tennessee. All night in my hotel bed, I worried that someone might cut the giant padlock I put on the truck and take my futon or my boxes full of thrift store jeans and worn t-shirts.

While I was anxious in Memphis, I didn’t think twice about driving that same U-Haul truck through the streets of downtown Chicago later on, paying a parking attendant $20 to squeeze the truck between sports cars and sedans, and handing him my whole set of keys — including the key to the giant padlock.

Silly me. I was all nervous and excited and so out of my element. It’s a good thing my sister did ride along, or who knows where I would have ended up.


There are so many unknowns. But, at certain times in life, we take the plunge anyway.

That’s what I’m doing now: taking the plunge, moving again. Not from Wisconsin, but from the comforts of this blog. I’ve been at this address long enough to get my feet wet and learn what works (or doesn’t work) when it comes to running a site. It would be easy to stay here for who knows how long, but I’ve got an itch to make my own way into cyberspace.

So, I’ve rented a new place — my own domain: www.christicraig.com.

I hope you’ll come with me. Because, see…while I can pack up all my old content from here and bring it along to my new home, I can’t carry over any subscribers.

So click over, take a look around, and if you like what you’ve been reading here – the essays, the author interviews, the flash fiction – I hope you’ll subscribe there.

The new place won’t be half as much fun without you.

* Photo courtesy of ashmann 88 on Flickr.com