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I couldn’t resist seeing you again.

Miss you IIHey folks. I know I said that the last post was the last post, but I’ve got good reasons for stopping by here again. One, a few readers recently subscribed here, while all the action is happening at the new place over there; and two, a few old subscribers have yet to click on the new site and re-subscribe.

I’m not much of a self-promoter, so really, I wanted to send out this quick post because what you’re missing by not clicking over at the new site is – specifically – an excellent interview with Megan Stielstra, author of Everyone Remain Calm. She’s a writer, the Literary Director and a performer with Chicago’s 2nd Story, a teacher at Columbia College and the University of Chicago, and a mother. All I did was ask a few questions, but what she’s done is share a wealth of writing experience and give readers what feels like a mini-writing workshop.

Really. Go there. Read Part 1 of the interview, where she talks about digital publication and the courage it takes to write – and tell – our stories. Then, study Part 2, because that’s where the mini-workshop happens, where she discusses good days and bad days and what to do with your writer’s block.

I’d hate for you to miss it.

And, if you decide to subscribe to the new site while you’re there, all the more fun!

Last Post, but certainly not The End.

What do Betsy Lerner, author of The Forest for the Trees, puzzles, and raison d’etre have in common? Find out by clicking over to the new site: ChristiCraig.com.

After today, that’s where you’ll find all the new posts — on writing, on life, on life as a writer (which means more author interviews and more guest posts). I hope you’ll join us!

Staying in the moment.

Doing dishes :(What can doing the dishes teach us about staying present?

That’s what we’re talking about over on the new site.

Hope to see you there.

* Photo courtesy of tjshirey on Flickr.com

Tell me what you see.

“As human beings, we rarely see ourselves as others see us.” ~Heather Cashman

Imagine if you could see your world and yourself through another’s eyes. All those petty little details would fall to the wayside. That self-deprecation would be neutralized by the good that others see in us.

We’re talking about perceptions. Not here, but at the new site. Pop on over, read what light Heather Cashman sheds on the subject. Plus, get a sneak peek at her new book called – just that – PERCEPTION.

And, remember, the new site is where you’ll find me, in full force. In another week, this place will be quiet. So, if you like what you’ve been reading here, consider subscribing there.

Now, on to Heather!….