Camp Duty

This weekend I’m hosting, what I like to call, City Camp.

December colors

My niece and nephew are in town, having traveled from a smaller city just north of here to our house, where you can span the back yard in a few long strides and fall asleep under the glow of a billboard light shining in through the bedroom window.

Think four nights of non-stop slumber parties, crowded seating assignments in the back seat of the car, radio station wars; movies back at the house, late-night snacks, and tears at bedtime (just a tiny case of homesickness, happens to the best of us).

Since I’m entertaining a brood of four instead of two, there isn’t much writing going on. But, I am sneaking in some reading, of essays and posts worth sharing:

And, because we’re talking summer camp (even if it is in the city), Allan Sherman comes to mind.

I’m off now, to pass out ice cream bars and to supervise the chaos that may ensue.

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12 responses to “Camp Duty

  1. Christie, I just love the idea of your City Camp. It makes me smile. And thanks for the great links. They rock.

  2. It’s good times all around here. All I’m missing so far are s’mores, but that’s what microwaves are for.

  3. So fun, Christi! Enjoy your camping! And thanks for linking to my tram post. We do have great public transportation around here, although the trams were definitely controversial (and over budget).

    • Laura, Are the trams really expensive to ride?

      • They’re not expensive, but they only go from the South Waterfront up to what we call “Pill Hill,” where several hospitals and medical buildings are located, most notably OHSU. The cost is $4 per adult, but that’s only to ride up to the hill. It’s free to go back down. So it’s sort of like $2 a ride.

  4. What fun! Aunts are very special people. I wish I could sign up for your city camp. 🙂

  5. In City Camp microwave s’mores are the only way to go. I wouldn’t mind camping out in your living room for a few nights myself, in the morning, out to the sandbox I’d go.

    Thanks for the link up there too, Christi. I was wondering why that post got so popular all of the sudden. 😉

  6. This post made me smile and smile! Love the concept of City Camp … have a ball. I’ll bet you’ll come away from the experience with lots of writing ideas.

    Happy Summer!

  7. We want to come to city camp! Oh wait, we live in a city… but your camp sounds more fun!

  8. Beth & 2Girls,
    My word, City Camp wore me out. But, we did have a good time — fun that culminated in/with four very large lollipops (big enough to keep a sugar high going for hours. And hours).

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