Writer on Hiatus (Or, Intermission)

You won’t find me here for the next few days. It’s that time in the season, when we pack the car to the hilt, leave behind the bustling city, and head north, where pine trees line a two-lane highway and dirt roads lead to a small, spring-fed lake.

Right now, I might be sitting on the dock, dipping my toes into the lake’s water, which is crisp and cold, working up the courage to jump in and swim (that always takes a while).

Or, I could be inside, near the window, looking out into dusk, mapping the silhouette of the treeline in my mind.

If I’m lucky, I’ll see loons. I’ll catch a nap. I’ll bask in the sun on a day when the south wind pushes off the Northern chill.

It’s completely possible that I’ll load up on junk food. More than once.

Whatever the story, I can promise I’m having fun.

So, while I enjoy all-things-lazy, here are some links for your pleasure:

I hope lazy days line your horizon, too!


10 responses to “Writer on Hiatus (Or, Intermission)

  1. enjoy each and every moment up north!

  2. Enjoy your intermission! Sounds like paradise.


  3. Have a wonderful vacation, Christi! That sounds like a breathtaking place. (And thanks so much for the link to my flipback piece. I’ve had so much fun doing those and am awaiting the arrival of my flipback version of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas!)

  4. Have a peaceful and refreshing vacation. 🙂

  5. Have a wonderful time, Christi! I’ll bet you’ll find lots of inspiration for future writing!

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