Together, On Our Way to Decatur

A Dr. Pepper and a Chick-O-Stick,
Breakfast on the road,
When dress shoes and shirt and tie
Were pushed aside in the closet,
Exchanged for cowboy boots,
And a Wrangler button-down shirt,
Both well worn.
We climbed inside an old truck,
Me and my dad,
To head out to his ranch in Decatur.
To a small herd of Brangus —
To his herd.

I was afraid of horses,
I froze when cows came too close,
I was too skinny to be of any real help
With heavy bags of feed.
But he let me tag along.
Those mornings I woke up easy,
It was like going to his office
Only better.
Phone calls and secretaries
Couldn’t interrupt.

I sat on the passenger side
Of the truck’s bench seat
And pulled the door, hard, to close it.
The hinges creaked
Before the door slammed shut,
A hint, I suppose,
That it had been awhile.
He cracked open his drink,
And unwrapped his candy bar.
“Ready?” he announced.
I grinned,
And scooted over, closer to him.


14 responses to “Together, On Our Way to Decatur

  1. Simply lovely, Christi. These are the moments. Captured so beautifully, to be treasured forever. (Great photo too.) Thanks; so glad I saw this.

  2. Beautiful, Christi. I love the first line, it’s just the right mood instantly.

  3. Christi I am so blessed to be called your sister … you have such a way of bringing the simple memories to life!! By the way life in Decatur hasn’t changed all that much!

    • Rena’, Your comment made my morning. I sure miss that ranch, too, and I know I’m not the only one. It’s soothing to know Decatur is still the same πŸ™‚ xoxo

  4. Such a sweet way to honor your father on father’s day! Events have a way of camping forever in a bright spot in our memories to be enjoyed again and again. Thank you for sharing this one with us. Blessings to you…

  5. What a beautiful poem, and the last line is absolutely priceless! You are so lucky to have such a good relationship with your dad — I love the photo of the two of you!

  6. Your poem is a beautiful testament to father/daughter love.

  7. Your writing is so incredible it makes me feel like a little girl again. If we could just do it one more time…

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