Ride the internet waves.

Today, I’m guest posting at Lisa Rivero’s blog, Writing Life.

Lisa and I live within easy driving distance of each other, but it was the ever-expansive internet that brought us together. I won’t bore you with details on when and where we connected, or how long we “chatted” before we finally met in person (writers’ forums and social networking sounds a lot like online dating, don’t you think? Only we exchange website domains instead of phone numbers).

How Lisa and I met isn’t half as important as why I value her as a writing friend: her blog continues to inspire me, and she’s a constant bouy of support. So, jump on the broadband and slide on over to Lisa’s blog, where I write about how one genre of writing informs another:

On Stanley Kunitz, Memoir, and Fiction.

If you’re like me, you’re always in search of the perfect How-To book when it comes to the craft of writing, but sometimes the lessons are found in other books. You just have to pay attention.

Browse around Lisa’s blog, too, while you’re there. She publishes some great posts on writing and some amazing flash narratives.


9 responses to “Ride the internet waves.

  1. Christi, thanks so much for both the terrific guest post and the kind words. I’m so glad we have connected both online and off. And to think that if not for cyberspace (social networking is a bit like online dating!), we probably would have passed each other quite often on I-94 without ever having met.

  2. Great guest post, Christi. I read it and commented. Blessings to you…

  3. I also met a writer on Twitter who lives around the corner (6 houses away) from me, via a writer friend in Arizona! So weird!! Heading over to read your post!

  4. Lovely post, Christi! A really smart, inspirational way to look at one of Kunitz’s fine poems.

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