Word up. It’s Execrate, and I’m disgusted.

Wednesday’s Word means write something – an essay, poem, or flash fiction – based on Wordsmith.org’s word of the day and post it by midnight. Past pieces from this fun writing exercise can be found under Wednesday’s Word on the sidebar to the right.


I’m feeling sassy today, maybe because this is the last Wednesday’s Word post for a while or because it’s the weather. Quite possibly, my attitude stems from reading the definition of Today’s word:

execrate. verb. to detest, denounce, or curse.

It’s hard to meditate on a word like that and not puff up my chest or haul out my soapbox. I curse the cold temps right now, for example, and the encroaching deep freeze that the meteorologist with the hair piece keeps gushing about (see? it is the weather). But, do you know the first thing that popped into my mind after I read execrate?

Food that cannot be chewed properly. If you’re a finicky eater like me, you know what I’m talking about.


The Martyr

Cynthia closed her menu and set it on the table. Peter whispered to the waiter, who nodded and slipped away. Cynthia smiled that dreamy smile. Two weeks ago, Peter’s photo popped up on her online dating page with an “I’m interested” vote. She studied his profile. He had those deep, brown eyes that hinted at warm nights by a fire in December and boxes of rich chocolate on Valentine’s Day, so she bumped him up to “Let’s chat.” They talked online for an hour and a half. Then, they both sent the “You, Me, Now” instant message on the next day. It was so cute.

This dinner was their first real date, and she wanted to make a good impression. She paid him full attention and got chills down her spine when he said her name in the same sentence as “beautiful.” Was there a hint of an English accent in his voice? She hoped so.

“Beautiful!” He said again, when the waiter brought out their appetizer. Peter gave the waiter a thumbs up; Cynthia cringed. Oysters. On the half shell. Raw. Glistening globs drenched in their own puddle of, what was that she wondered, oyster juice? Peter’s hands flashed in front of her as he squeezed lemons and ground pepper and set out tiny forks.

“The best in the city!” He said. “Aphrodisiac,” he winked. All she had to do was eat just one. He lit up and spoke of Italy and the first time he ate them raw. She cooed on the outside but grimaced on the inside.

He picked up a shell and shimmied the oyster into his mouth and down his throat. He groaned. She shivered. But, what choice did she have? It was the oyster, or Peter. Or, the oyster and Peter. Either way, she told herself, she had to do it. She surveyed the platter for the smallest one. She picked up the shell and held up her hand. In a few seconds, it would all be over.

“To us,” she said, and she gripped the seat of her chair.



13 responses to “Word up. It’s Execrate, and I’m disgusted.

  1. Bravo, bravo! When I read today’s word, I could not imagine what you were going to come up with. Great story!

  2. I like it. Cute story. Blessings to you, Christi…

  3. Oh my, he’d have to be brilliant, rich, kind-hearted, honest, giving, and gorgeous as all get out to make me put a raw oyster in my mouth. 🙂

    I dub you queen of the vignette!

  4. Oh ho! I second what Linda said, ewe. 🙂

  5. What a wonderfully visceral Wednesday’s Word to leave with us while you take a break!

    I’m right with you in cursing the cold temperatures (below zero tomorrow morning?? Really??).

    ~ Lisa

  6. That was amazing. You had me so gripped that when an alert popped up, I was extremely annoyed because I was so anxious to see what happened. I love the line about “shimmying” the oyster into his mouth — perfect.

  7. Wonderful. Great exercise. Why won’t you be doing your Wednesday’s Word?

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Susan! I’m taking a break, because I’m gearing up for a hectic few months at work. Writing on the fly and posting in one day might be a little more difficult. Plus, I’m freeing up a few Wednesdays for more guest posts and such. But, I do think I’m going to miss this exercise!

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