This just in….

I’m breaking from routine. For those of you who know me well, breaking from routine can send me into a tizzy — there’d better be a darn good reason to deviate.

Today, I have two great reasons:

1. Beth Hoffman, author of the New York Times Bestseller Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (a beautiful novel that was released in paperback October 26th) has highlighted me on her website. I hope you’ll take a peek at my guest post. I’m thrilled to be a writer mentioned in her Brava & Bravo category. I’m also thrilled I’ll get a chance to meet Beth in person this week as she stops in Wisconsin during her book tour.

Also, this week I’ll post an interview with debut author, Jody Hedlund. Her novel, The Preacher’s Bride, was released in early October and is another book I didn’t want to put down. She’s an author to watch. Stop by on Wednesday, read about her novel and her writing process, and drop your name in the comment section (if you do, you’ll be entered into a contest to win an autographed copy of her novel).

See there? That little shake-up was well worth it.


12 responses to “This just in….

  1. I read your guest post. Awesome! Can’t wait to see your Jody Hedlund interview. I will be reading The Preacher’s Bride soon. Blessings to you, Christi.

  2. Congratulations, Christi! I love your essay, especially this: “I write every day โ€“ no matter my mood, or the status of my muse, or the absence of time. One paragraph. One page. One whole story. Writing is no longer a dream; itโ€™s no longer a hobby. Itโ€™s a way of life.” Brava, indeed.

  3. What an inspiring essay (and a great photo of you, btw!)

    I admire your husband’s commitment which seems far harder than writing every day … I guess that means I’m more of a writer than a runner.

    Thank you for this: “One paragraph. One page. One whole story … It’s a way of life.” And I love following your journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cathryn, I’m glad you enjoyed the essay, and you like the photo. I hate pictures. Generally, mine all turn out with my eyes half closed – it’s a running joke in my family, painful but true. I guess I’m much more of a writer than a model.

      As for my husband, I always tell him, if I only had a smidgen of his motivation, think of all the things I could do!….

  4. Liberte Sexuelle

    I’m more inspired than ever to continue this story that I mentioned before that I’m writing. “One paragraph. One page. One whole story. One whole story.”

    I have done about three pages so far, but I stopped a while ago. I don’t know if it was self-consciousness or what, but now I can focus on my writing again, especially when I’m taking whatever you had written or would write with a grain of salt.

    • Liberte, Take that energy and run with it! I love when I read something – even a novel or a short story – that rekindles my own desire to write my story. What a great feeling. I’m glad my essay helped!

  5. Love the post! You should be proud of yourself. You’re a Writer. And you stick to it. I have such admiration for your dedication, this way of life.

  6. I’m tickled to feature you on Brava! So many people just LOVE your essay, as do I. And, Christi, thanks so much for mentioning CeeCee’s paperback launch!

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