9 responses to “Reviewing Toxic Feedback: How Joni B. Cole Helps Writers Survive and Thrive

  1. I definitely need to read this book, not just for myself, but for the young writers group I lead. Thanks for such an informative review, Christi.

    I passed along a blog award to you today, if you are interested: http://lisarivero.com/2010/08/27/interview-and-blog-awards/


  2. I was terrified the first time I had a piece up for critique, but I soon learned that most of the feedback I received only helped me to write better. I’m still always a little anxious giving as well as receiving, but I’ve learned so much from both. Someday I hope to give the same depth of feedback others have given me.

  3. Congrats, Lisa! I drew your name and will email you about your address. And, Linda, if you’re looking to become a feedback giver more often, this book certainly offers some great suggestions.

    Thanks, Ladies!

  4. Christi, thank you!! September is off to a great start. 🙂 I will be able to put the book to good use, not just for myself, but for my classes and a young persons’ writing group I lead.

  5. thank for this referral Christi. I’m going to recommend it to my group sounds so useful!

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