Honorable Mention, I’ll take that!

I submitted a story a while back to the “Family Matters” contest for the the literary journal, Glimmer Train.

Most of the time, I submit to journals simply for the exercise of doing so: for the practice of writing a cover letter and the toughening up of my skin when the reply is “No thank you.” I’ve read the statistics for getting published, so I tend to expect a decline sooner than an acceptance.

But, last night I received an email saying my story had worked its way through the judging process up to the “top 5% of over a thousand entries.”

My story was awarded an Honorable Mention (!).

There’s even a formal Glimmer Train document listing my name as proof — my own proof, since I ogled over it, while pinching myself at the same time, to ensure myself this wasn’t some alternative reality.

The names are in alphabetical order, and – lucky for me – my last name begins with a “C.” I’m listed dangerously close to the top, so if you see me driving around town, waving my hand like I was just crowned homecoming queen, you’ll know it’s gone to my head.

But, still…Woo!


16 responses to “Honorable Mention, I’ll take that!

  1. Are you serious? That’s HUGE, Christi! Glimmer Train is on the A+ list for story writers, just a dream for most of us. I’ve very proud of you.

  2. Congratulations! That is a big deal and you should wear that Honorable Mention proudly!

    Very cool.

  3. A very big deal, indeed! Congratulations! Glimmer Train is one of my absolute favorites.

  4. Yay, make yourself a big hat and wear it with pride!

  5. At the risk of repeating myself, *again*: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

    To echo Linda, this is HUGE.

    Enjoy the glow … all weekend, next week, next month and onward.

  6. It’s a true accomplishment to be accepted by Glimmer Train. Will you be putting the story up on your blog? I want to read it.


  7. Thanks, everyone, for your congrats and excitement.

    Tricia, Sorry if my post was misleading. Honorable Mention means I made it to the list of Finalists but not quite to publication in Glimmer Train. But, “Finalist” is better than a simple “No Thanks,” for sure.

    I plan on sending that story out again, soon.

  8. WONDERFUL! *applause* This is a big deal, Christi. I hope you’re enormously proud of yourself, as you should be!

  9. Wonderful! What great encouragement! Now of course we all want to read it!!!!

  10. Sweeet! That is a GREAT accomplishment, really. I’m jealous. I’ve been trying to get an honorable mention with them for years. Congrats!

  11. Thanks Beth, Shana, and Michelle! And, Shana, we’ll have to set up a coffee/sneak peek date πŸ™‚

  12. Fantastic! Congratulations! Your blog already served as a reminder of the joy/value of writing and now you’re even more of an inspiration.

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