It’s Wednesday. Wake up.

Every Wednesday, I write a post based on Today’s Word at You can find past essays or flash fiction pieces under the Wednesday’s Word topic on the sidebar.

From, Today’s word:

callithump. noun. 1. A noisy, boisterous celebration or parade. 2. A mock serenade with pots, pans, kettles, etc., given for a newly married couple. Also known as charivari or shivaree.

And, as we near the end of National Poetry Month, I dare to write a poem and end this post with a song.


Wake Up.

I am nudged awake
By the snout
Of my black lab.
Whose chin,
Wet from her morning drink,
Shocks me
And ensures
I don’t drop off
To sleep again.

She demands her walk.

Eyes barely open,
I slip into last night’s jeans,
A crumpled shirt,
My crocks.
And, I turn to see
She’s holding the leash
In her mouth-
A sign that I
Am moving
Too slow.

“It’s early yet,”
I whisper,
And, I hope
For a quiet walk.
But my sleek, dark friend
Has a different plan.

She pulls me along
Through a cacophony of music,
The sounds of a city
Revving up its day.

Squeaky brakes from a bus
Pitch an off-key tune,
And a jackhammer
Down the block
Sets the beat.
I am pulled by my dog
Until my pace falls in line.

I hear sounds from the left
And noise from the right
Like instruments, I think,
And I swear
People must be
In alleys,
With cymbals
And triangles
And maybe a wood block.

They play a song
Of the city
Coming alive.
A tune
That culminates
When we reach
The fountain.

She stops,
My four-legged guide,
And looks right at me
With a grin. She’s sly.
I cock my head
As the water rises
And falls
Like the sound
Of applause
From an audience


And, the song that woke me up this morning and reminded me to look around and listen and breathe. Happy Wednesday, folks!

On a side note: In an effort not to confuse anyone who knows me well enough, the poem is fictional. I don’t have a black lab. But, if I did, I wouldn’t need an alarm clock.



10 responses to “It’s Wednesday. Wake up.

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  2. Ha ha! I love it that you don’t have a black lab – I was so impressed that you walked her in the morning! I was feeling bad for my poor dog who’s lucky if I take her for one in the afternoon.

    I love the poem – very convincing & alive.

  3. Nice poem. I always look forward to your Wednesday posts. And this is especially nice. Thank you

  4. Christi,

    I don’t read much poetry, although I know I *should* 😉

    More poems like this would make me read it more. This was really well-done, although I’ll admit, I probably liked it in part because it has a “story” flow. Still, very well done, and you changed my mood.

    I loved the image of the fountain as applause.

  5. I love this, Christi! Excellent use of the senses.

  6. Thanks so much for your comments – every one!

  7. Christi, your poem is wonderful! All my senses were fully engaged.

  8. “They play a song of a city coming alive.” Beautiful! Sheesh, this makes me want to have a black lab – or any cool big dog to take ME on walks in the morning. I never thought of using fictional characters and concepts for poetry. Doink!

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