The Obdurate Writer

Wednesday’s word of the day, from

obdurate. adjective. 1.Stubborn: not easily moved. 2.Hard-hearted: resistant to emotions.

That reminds me of my recent experience in rewrite mania.


The body of a woman, her hands covered in what appeared to be red ink (lab results pending), was found slumped over a pile of papers and an open laptop. She was mumbling the numbers “eleven ninety-eight” repeatedly when police woke her. During questioning, the woman reported hacking scenes and chopping characters and “whittling, whittling, whittling.” She has since been taken to the Medical Center for observation, where she continues to plead for her laptop and a “juicy red pen!”

More details to follow.



8 responses to “The Obdurate Writer

  1. Love it!

    When I saw “Obdurate” pop up in my reader I thought “great word!” I laughed when I realized it was your word challenge.

  2. So very perfect and what a great scene. I hear the sirens blaring past my window right now!

  3. Thanks Victoria and Elizabeth. If you’re laughing, you must relate :)!

  4. I’m afraid I can be obdurate at times. Funny scene – want to read more.

  5. Thanks for a very amusing scenario!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it, Mary and Cathryn 🙂

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