Playing Wordsmith for a Day

Every Wednesday, I face off with and write on whatever term Mr. Anu Garg, Logophile Extraordinaire, tosses out. He’s hit me with some oddities, like buskin and artiodactyl, and some familiar but not-so-writerly words like quantum and cagey. I love the challenge to write on whatever word surfaces on Wednesdays, and I also love to share that challenge.

Last month, I embarked on a tradition of inviting a fellow writer to take on Wednesday’s Word of the Day. The only difference, so far anyway, is that I get to play Ms. Wordsmith Master. I don’t haul out my College Dictionary – which currently holds down the fort on a shelf in my living room – but, I do have my own versatile word bag at home (courtesy of Ariel Gore).

E. Victoria Flynn, fellow mother writer and first victim, wrote a great piece on Wednesday’s Word, which you can read HERE.

Today, I’m excited to give you a preview of this week’s Word of the Day Challenger: Ann M. Lynn, from Shadows in Mind.

When I think about Ann, I am reminded of a response I received from a seasoned writer, when I said I loved to write but didn’t know what to write about.

“Why don’t you start by writing about what you know,” he said.

If each of us writes about what we know, then I imagine Ann has a host of stories bubbling inside of her. Ann is a writer, an artist, a photographer, a singer, a dancer, a student of martial arts. Rumor has it, she even knows how to fence. She belongs to Liberty Hall Writers, a community online that poses a weekly Flash challenge: take a prompt, go on a 90 minute writing spree, then submit your story. Online. For the rest of your collegial writers to read.

Ann is very brave.

She jumped at the chance to participate in Wednesday’s Word of the Day. And, I cannot wait to see how she incorporates…well, you’ll have to come back on Wednesday to find out her word.

While you eagerly await the next 24 to 36 hours, click on over to Ann’s blog. Her recent post continues a discussion – and offers great insight – on the psychology of naming your characters. On her sidebar, she lists some excellent links to writing prompts of different styles. And, for a taste of her flash writing, check out this post based on an image as prompt.


Ann M. Lynn is a writer of speculative fiction. One of her favorite hobbies is reminding people that hope and kindness can exist in the darkest of places. She resides in a place of light and shadows, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, cat, and dog.


‘Til Wednesday!…


2 responses to “Playing Wordsmith for a Day

  1. What a nice introduction. Thank you, Christi.

  2. You’re welcome! Glad to have you on board with the Word of the Day Challenge 🙂

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