Passing It On: Prolific Times Three

There’s no better way to finish off the weekend and start a new week than with an award.

Mary Campbell shared her Happiness 101 award with me a few days ago. Today, Linda Cassidy Lewis honors me with the title of Prolific Blogger (you can read about the award itself, here).

More than a testament of my writing, both these awards are evidence of the strong connections we find with other writers, whether online or in person. Mary’s award gave me an introspective opportunity to ask myself what it means to be really happy. Linda’s award offers me a chance to ponder the word Prolific.

I’m a big fan of the thesaurus. Some writers refuse to use it, but I love it. I’m a visual person. When I see one word in isolation, it sometimes appears flat to me. But, when I read through the word’s synonyms, the word takes shape in a more meaningful way for me.

Prolific: fruitful, generative, innovative, plenteous.

The maker of the award ask that recipients pass it on to seven other bloggers. Seven is a big number. Three is more magical for me. I hope Advance Booking will keep me on the list of winners even as I side-step that rule. At any rate, here are three bloggers I love who deserve the title of Prolific:

  1. My friend Sarah, Ms. Celiac in the City, is a wealth of information about gluten-free living. I can manage gluten, but I have to consider a nut-free, egg-free diet for one of my kids. Sarah and I talk food quandaries as often as we can, and she provides resources to other sites with food allergies at the forefront.
  2. Dot Hearn, whom I mentioned in my last post, is a writer out west. Though we’ve never met in person, I love having her as a friend and writing colleague. She keeps her website rolling with writing prompts and news about literary and arts events all around town. I wish I lived in Oregon or – at the least – had a large disposable income within reach, so I could fly out there whenever I darn well pleased.
  3. E. Victoria Flynn is a fellow SheWrites author and a Mother Writer. She recently began a weekly post on What to Read This Weekend where she highlights an interesting or inspiring blog. And, she created a great logo for every Mother Writer out there.

Like I plan to do, you can buy a t-shirt, a messenger bag, maybe even a magnet. My dream would be to buy a book of temporary tattoos, so I could slap the logo onto my bicep for some added sass.


Thank you, Linda, for acknowledging my blog. It’s an honor to display the badge. I only wish I had the kind of writing space in the picture…minus the dog. I’m terribly allergic. I doubt I’d get much writing done with a furry friend stirring up dander just below my feet.

Still…the coffee, the printer overflowing with finished works, and the light bulb going on daily with amazing and creative ideas…dreamy.


10 responses to “Passing It On: Prolific Times Three

  1. Christi,

    Congratulations on your awards. You are so diligent and fun with your blog, you really deserve them!

    Thank you also. I am not nearly as prolific as you, unless you count hours logged on the computer hustling. 🙂 I am honored to be included in your magical 3.

    If I could also add that all proceeds for the Mother Writer! swag is going to Doctors Without Borders and Haitian relief efforts. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Victoria.

      And, I’m glad you mentioned that the Mother Writer proceeds go towards Haitian relief. I meant to include that and forgot (that fourth cup of coffee yesterday did nothing for my memory)!

      Enjoy the award 🙂

  2. Ms. Christi,


    Thank you. What an honor this is, especially considering some of the other fascinating blogs you follow.

    Bless your heart.

  3. That is a great logo for mother-writers.

    Your last line inspires me to write: coffee, printer, words flowing is indeed dreamy.

  4. Congrats on the awards. I like to look up the meaning of words too and their synonyms – it gives them life.
    I’ll have to check out these links. I did watch that video on Dot’s blog with the girl who played the harp – her voice was strange, but I liked it and the harp was amazing and I loved the chalk animation in the background.

  5. you are very deserving! I love your parting words as well – the details and emotion… That work ethic is shining through!

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