I’m curious….

Polls are closed today. Thanks to those who voted. And, especially thanks to those who left comments when the answer choices weren’t ideal. I think the comments are as valuable as the results!

If you’re seeing this for the first time, you can still “cast” your vote by commenting, if you like.


This blog is still new, in blog-years. So, I have two burning questions for you, kind readers, that I’m hoping you’ll take the time to answer.

Every Wednesday, I post a flash fiction piece or a short essay based on one word. You can read yesterday’s here. Then, tell me:

And, while Jane Friedman wrote a great post on “5 things that make [her] stop reading websites &  blogs,” she didn’t mention post length.

If you’re a blog jumper, tell me:


11 responses to “I’m curious….

  1. I’m not voting on the first one because I’ve never heard of Wednesday’s word, and would hate to discourage you. Not voting on the second one because my option is unavailable.

    It’s not how long the post is. It’s how it’s written. I’m not even talking quality here, I’m talking formatting. If you want a loooong post, that’s fine, but stick some pictures in and use short paragraphs. A wall of words is impossible to read, and scrolling 2 or 3 monitor screens of nothing but words no matter how well formatted gives me a headache.

    Also, this is not your problem right now but dark background + light text = hurt eyes. >.<

    • Uninvoked,

      Polls, like standardized testing, are limiting. So, thank you so much for leaving your comment.

      I agree that scrolling 2-3 times can become a nuisance. I like your description “a wall of words.” And, I’ll be keeping your thoughts in the forefront of my mind the next time a post i write runs past the window frame.

  2. I agree with Uninvoked that, though I prefer shorter posts, if it’s interesting enough and broken up by photos, I will read on.

    And I also prefer dark text on a light background. White on black looks dramatic, but unless it’s a really short post, I hate reading it.

    • Thanks, Linda, for your comment as well. I love how you are able to incorporate pictures into most, if not all, of your posts.

      I’m learning that a writer (at least a blog author), these days, must be tech-savvy and camera-handy!

  3. The overall length of the post doesn’t matter as much as its density. I won’t bother reading a hundred-word post if it looks like a gray mass on the screen. Short paragraphs are a must on blogs.

    Christi, your blog is easy to read, and your stories and ponderings on Wednesdays are my favorite part.

    • Thanks, Ann, for your comment and compliment. I really love taking the Wednesday challenge every week. I’m glad you enjoy reading them.

      And, I agree large chunks of text are imposing on the eyes. Jane Friedman says the same as you when it comes to blog posts: break up the text (even on a short post).

  4. I couldn’t vote because of the “standardized” questions. 😉

    I enjoy Wednesday’s word posts, but don’t plan to try them myself.

    I also agree with others, it’s not the length, it’s how engaged I am. If I’m gripped in the first 100 words, and the blogger/writer doesn’t let go, I keep reading.

  5. According to Wikipedia, “the average American adult reads prose text at 250 to 300 words per minute”. Keyboarding is slower, a thoughtful writer is slower than that. So, if a blog post is longer than 500 words, (who’s counting?) and has my attention for more than one minute, I will stay with it to the end. If the blogger has taken the time to write it, I will take the time to appreciate it. And comment.

  6. Also, have to add, now that uninvoked has written that a dark background with light text is not pleasant, I am seriously considering changing my color scheme. Christi, About being tech savvy: it is important to know that monitors are different, and the settings for viewing are different. So, one person might need to scroll down to finish reading what you have written, while another may not. One can easily change their browser settings, but it is a little trickier to change their computer monitor settings.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth, for both your comments. You’re right, I suppose, a “long post” is relative, to monitor settings and such.

      And, I miss my old blog template in some ways (used to be a gray background). But, the new format feels much cleaner and more professional.

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