Stretching Out My Wednesday

Yesterday was too busy a day for a post on Wednesday’s word.

I hate missing a deadline. Plus, I considered the fact that you might count on finding out what word rises to the surface on Wednesday of every week. So while it’s after midnight in my neck of the woods, I haven’t gone to sleep yet. That means, I’m still working on Wednesday’s time.

I had hoped that would choose a light and festive theme this week, considering the upcoming holiday. But this week’s theme is “fear and desire.” I thought, at first, I had no connection, nothing to write about.Then, I caught myself getting all keyed up as I scurried around town doing my last minute shopping.

What if I forget something?
What if he doesn’t like it?
What if I just buy that one for myself?

In all that running around, today’s word sparked some microfiction.

astraphobia. noun: An abnormal fear of lightning and thunder.

She arrived early and secured a parking spot near the side entrance. At two minutes to nine, she walked briskly from her car to the glass doors and reached for the handle at the same moment the manager unlocked the door. She felt she had the upper hand: a winter storm advisory, most people off today and sleeping in, her list in hand so she could get in-get out.

But, she got caught standing in front of the Nonfiction books, Sarah Palin staring her down. She wondered what made Sarah think she was so rogue. Just as she reached for the book, she heard the manager’s hearty “Hello!” and “We’re so glad you’re here!” She turned and saw a trio of musicians in Santa hats hauling an electric piano and a box of small instruments. They plugged in, underneath a Christmas light display, right in the middle of the store.

She forgot about Sarah. She looked at her list. One more book to buy, she told herself. The musicians warmed up their voices, and she buttoned up her coat. She walked in front of the piano and shot a side-glance  at the player. He was smiling and humming as he slid his hand across the keys. When he flipped the switch to turn on the piano, a Christmas bulb blew. There was a pop and a flash of light and a “Whoa!” followed by laughter. The flash threw her off balance, and she fell sideways into the  “New in Paperback” display. Like dominoes, the books tumbled and fell to the floor.

The flash.
The thunder of books.
She turned and made a mad dash towards the exit, her coat tail fluttering behind her.

Next year, she told herself, order online.


Just for fun, check out Thursday’s word of the day: onomatomania. Maybe it’s late, but something about that word made me giggle.

Enjoy a festive holiday!


5 responses to “Stretching Out My Wednesday

  1. I LOVE this! I love that there’s a word for an abnormal fear of lightning and thunder, I love the image of her sensation that Sarah P is “staring her down” and I love her thought — wondering what Sarah thinks makes her so rogue. I love how you went in a different direction with the storm advisory and the amusing ending with a plan for next year.

    What a great holiday story. Happy Holidays.

  2. Just looked up onomatomania — made me giggle too.

  3. Oh, how clever you are to use thunder and lightning in this way.

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