The word escapes me.

This Wednesday’s Word idea is challenging today.

pleiad: noun. a group of (usually seven) brilliant persons or things.
(from, today’s word)

I named this blog Writing Under Pressure for a reason. On a daily basis, I steal time away from things I should and could be doing, just so I can write. My writing often happens in short, concentrated stints of time. But, once in a while, I come upon a chunk of unscheduled quiet. In a flurry, I open my laptop, log on and wiggle my fingers. Then, I sit.

And, stare.

Type a sentence. Backspace. Cut and paste. Reformat. Save. Forget it.

In all that time, no real writing gets done. No wonder I struggle against that mean old mantra: I’m wasting my time. What I need is a pleiad of writer-friendly perks:

  1. Coffee. Good and strong. I like Hazelnut, sometimes with a dash of cinnamon.
  2. An antique writing desk.
  3. Unlimited credit at Broadway paper, so I can buy all the pretty little papers I want, a smorgasbord of creativity.
  4. Mail from one of those literary magazines where I’ve submitted stories, with a letter inside that starts out “we’ve been looking for you all of our literary lives” (over the top, I know, but this is my pleiad).
  5. ESP, so I can see into the future and know if that novel is really worth a rewrite.
  6. A writer’s retreat, in a cabin in the woods.
  7. Readers.

What’s your perfect pleiad?


9 responses to “The word escapes me.

  1. Yes! And I would also put Coffee first, since I am out and having a horrid time focusing. A laptop because I want to be outside and I am not. A clean house because I don’t want to think about it any more. My mother in law to entertain the girls tirelessly all day. A handful of my favorite writing pens. A lake outside my house and a well rested mind.

    Great idea, thanks~

  2. Brilliant! I was so excited by this post that I tweeted a link and asked friends to define their “Pleriad” NOT “Pliead” -WHOOPS.

    I have since corrected my error, but I am writing a post in response to your question. Thank you for an inspiring post.

    Liza Sperling
    Twitter: @lizasperling
    Blogs: &

    • Thanks, Liza! And, it’s pleiad. I had to check my spelling a few times, because I kept getting stuck on that old “i before e, except after c” adage. And, I’ve edited my post to include the link to (forgot that initially).

  3. Great post, you got me thinking.

    1. coffee, iced or hot
    2. a quiet room (condo at the beach would be nice)
    3. an agent desiring to develop my career
    4. miraculous escape from high tech marketing (but assumes $$)
    5. a trail to walk (should go before the coffee, I suppose)
    6. warm feet
    7. a full night’s sleep

  4. Love this! Brilliant…

    1. An all expenses paid writer’s retreat near a large body of water (ocean or lake or river will do) for 3 months, with healthy meals provided and snacks available 24-hours a day, wifi, a kayak, a long walking trail, no schedule, phone in another location so accessible but not “on me”
    2. then, upon returning to everyday life, 4 hours set aside most days for writing or other creative or creativity-inducing activities
    3. one day off a week – and I mean off of everything except hanging out, sleeping, reading, thinking;
    4. coffee; preferably a soy latte, though iced coffee with soy milk is good, too
    5. a writers’ group to help keep me on track and inspired and for feedback — oh wait, I have that! yay
    6. a partner who takes care of the shopping, cleaning, laundry, and most of the cooking – though I like to cook sometimes if the ingredients are there; that can be creative and inspirational. Like having a dinner party for writing and artist friends
    7. an independent income stream (royalties from my novel and memoir and the published stories and poems, perhaps!) so I don’t have to worry about money and can do interpreting work only 10-12 hours over 2 or 3 days a week (I don’t want to give up interpreting all together, but don’t want to chase the pager and want to only take the jobs I like!)

  5. I want to add to my well rested mind–habitual inspiration

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