Soon to be out.

Alltopia Antholozine will release their Summer/Harvest issue soon. Very soon.

I’m thrilled.

Thrilled my work will be included in this issue.

Thrilled to be invited to the peer group reading and press release.

But Portland is more than a day’s drive from my house. And my favorite airline only goes as far as Seattle, for a pretty penny these days.

So, come the end of August, I’ll be at the press release in spirit only (unless I come into some money real quick). I think I’ll still get dressed up that night. Maybe force my husband to sit down and listen to me read my piece out loud. Give him an autographed copy, for fun.


One response to “Soon to be out.

  1. Congratulations on your publication, Christi!

    Have you tried Priceline? I haven’t used them for airfare, yet, since I’m usually on a tight schedule the few times I fly. But I have used them a number of times for hotels (I’m in Seattle right now, staying in a hotel I found at Priceline for 50% of their regular rate).

    I’ll hope for an unexpected cash flow soon for you!

    And you will be published, regardless, thought I’d love to see you!

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